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Legacy Software Support and Migration Services

'Legacy Systems' are easily described as products implemented in programming languages that have gone out of fashion, such as VB6, Microsoft Office (Access) 97, Foxpro, or 'classic' Active Server Pages (ASP).  This also includes a collection of languages that are still 'in production', but are proving to be expensive to maintain, such as Cobol or C++.  Businesses outgrow their applications and seek to add functionalty, upgrade hardware, and create new business services.  Finding programmers to maintain the old systems is difficult and sometimes prohibitively expensive.  Our role is to migrate these systems to more state of the art platforms.  Sometimes this is as simple as upgrading an Access application to SQL Server and Access 2010.  In a mainframe to web situation the database/file system storage organization has to be reworked substantially, and the user interface thought out from the ground up.

Users will often ask for a conversion to be done a particular way, perhaps based on consultant recommendations.  In this process the project may be over-specified, creating limitations that slow the conversion and add to costs.  Special care has to be used, for instance, in requiring a particular language, since an old mainframe Cobol application might be converted to C# for business rules, T-SQL for data manipulation, and Javascript for client side user interface event handling and validation.

Code conversion deadlines may be mandated by events that are peripheral to project management estimates: a financial target, a business merger or market rollout, or a third party interface.  In situations where the timeline appears 'aggressive', the externally mandated timeline should be left out of project requirements.  Many conversion projects fail because developers are willing to commit to deadlines they know will be missed.  Our planning approach is based on the idea of small, frequent deliverables.  This means that the user is able to see functional improvements on a weekly basis, and can compare that to the expected timeline and cost, and revise either their schedules or the development commitment accordingly.

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Last Modified on January 4th, 2012