Maintenance and Support - MySQL

MySQL is an open source client/server database used commonly on Linux platforms.  One of our recent taskings is to set up replication between a Linux 'publisher' and a Windows Server 'subscriber' to transmit record updates in real time.  MySQL implements replication at the 'database' level, all changes to the schema or data are replicated at the target.  In the instance mentioned, we found it desirable to develop a 'subscriber' hosted tool (e.g., on the Windows Server instance) that managed the Linux connection and ran the Linux commands 'invisibly'.  This is often desirable when Linux/MySQL instances are created 'on demand' for special purposes, and replication configuration is a common occurrence.

A separate process of migrating data from SQL Server to MySQL has been coded in a C#/Winforms application using the .NET Data Provider for MySQL and .NET TableAdaptors.  This is a convenient mechanism in cases where data structures change periodically on 'one side' or the other and the rowsets are less than 100,000 records each.

In a situation where MySQL to MySQL replication at the full database level is less than desirable, either due to amount of transactions involved or sensitivity of some data, creating a 'standoff' query and forwarding service makes it possible to replicate only that portion that is needed, or otherwise manage more complicated replication scenarios.