Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services


Downloads listed below may or may not be available. In some cases further testing suggests that some aspect of the functionality needs to be revised. Such revisions are in the 'list of things to do'.

Resource Logic, Inc. warranties that these programs belong to the company and the company has the right to distribute them freely. These files are hereby placed in the public domain.

Any support or customization will be provided at billing rates agreed to in advance by the various parties. Terms of payment and cancellation are also negotiated in advance of any commencement of work.

DISCLAIMER: The user downloads and uses these programs at their own risk. Resource Logic, Inc. makes every reasonable effort to assure that these products are free of viruses, do not overwrite or delete data other than what is specified, and will not cause operational failures on the users computer. However, Resource Logic, Inc. cannot be held liable for any damages, including consequential damages, users may incur as a result of use of these programs.

These programs should be viewed as instructional. Resource Logic, Inc. does not warranty the program in any way, including specifically suitability for any particular purpose.


HTML Tag ScannerThis program scans all .HTM(L) and .PHP files and stores the file name and any text found between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags. This gives the user the ability to quickly scan through all the titles in the site looking for missing titles, mislabeled pages, or basic errors in composition.

This .ZIP file contains a brief set of instructions as a .PDF file and the Access/2000 .MDB. Download

Excel Macro - Price UpdateNOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT. Some users prefer to maintain their formal price lists in spreadsheet form, and then apply updates to a number of databases, such as Quickbooks, MYSql, and Access. This is the case if Quickbooks is used for accounting, MYSql is used for the eCommerce website, and Access is used for production control.

This file is an Excel spreadsheet with macro code, so it will generate alerts from anti-virus software. Download

Quickbooks Customer and Vendor Import To Microsoft AccessNOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT. Quickbooks users can export a number of master files to .IIF files for integration into other applications. This program parses the tab-separated values into columns and inserts them into corresponding Access tables. These 'generic' tables can then be queried to update custom written applications using subsets of the imported rows and columns. Download