Resource Logic Software Development

Businesses have to 'start from scratch' under a number of circumstances:
  • The business is a startup in a new industry
  • The application is being moved to a new platform
  • The organization develops a 'special need'
  • An existing software vendor has abandoned it's product
The classic 'new industry' example is the internet browser. One of the more massive databases is the human genome. Neither of these examples can point to any meaningful ancestor.

At least four platform migrations can be imagined in the current computing environment:
  • Mainframe to Internet
  • Character (Dos or 'dumb terminal') to Windows Forms
  • Character (Dos or 'dumb terminal') to Internet
  • Windows Forms to Internet
Business applications that are shifted to a browser based interface are often intended to meet the need for remote access, in some cases via mobile devices. It becomes desirable to shift business rules from the client side to the server side, and within that from the rendering code to the query code. A COBOL program is not simply converted to HTML, Visual Basic .NET, and ASP .NET; much of the core processing is shifted to Transaction SQL (T-SQL). The 'old' system used a language, the 'new' one uses different ones at different points in the process.

Business managers may become progressively more frustrated with the way inventory records have been kept, and at some point may want a program written that 'cleans' up the mess. Two companies might merge, and the acquiring company may need to merge data from the acquired company into it's own system. Such tasks are not merely done in reports; it is necessary to set up the business rules, write data manipulation code, test it, and deploy it for use on live data.

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