Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services

Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services specializes in business system design and software development using Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, C#, and SQL Server. Our experience with these tools originated as these became available in early versions of Windows, including Access Version 1.1, VB 3, Office 97, and SQL Server 6.5. Our primary focus is on client/server database development, in particular C#/Winforms and SQL Server 2008 (R2).

We are developing a set of tools for automating 'legacy migration'.  This occurs on a resource-available basis, generally in conjunction with ongoing client projects.  The emphasis at the moment is on migrating VB6 to C#/Winforms.  VB6 code can also be found in 'classic' ASP COM libraries used to exchange data with databases, and in SQL Server DTS packages.  The longer term objective is to automate the migration of embedded system code (C++, Basic, and assembler) to more current platforms.

If you are a foreign business and are trying to establish a business relationship with us, please review Business Relationships with Foreign Companies before calling.

We do business in the area of Austin, Texas, USA. You may write us at:

   Meredith Poor
Resource Logic, Inc.
4716 Duval Rd. Apt. C13
Austin, Texas 78727

Our telephone is 210-734-5575.  Faxing can be arranged by request.

The majority of the incoming email to our original info account is/was spam, so it's been disabled.  To reach someone within the company, please search for 'Meredith Poor' on LinkedIn and send a linkup invitation.