Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services

Business Relationships with Foreign Companies

From time to time, we get calls from businesses with operations outside the United States.  In preparation for your call, please note:
  • Your Caller Id should identify your company by name.  When we get a city and state on caller id, we don't know who you are.  The same goes for 'Out of Area', or the phone number where the caller should be identified by name.
  • Sometimes the caller will list services we provide, then tell us they do something similar (at lower cost, or faster, of course).  Our technical skillsets are one piece of a larger puzzle: individuals here have been programming since the early 1970s, and are familiar with regulatory compliance, accounting, cost/benefit analysis, and other business issues.  The value proposition is not confined to technical competence.
  • We do not act as a proxy for foreign companies.  If you have an American client, we will work with you and the client for as long as they're satisfied with your performance.  In this relationship, you will bill them directly and they will pay you directly.  We have had business relationships like this in the past and expect to have them in the future.
  • Any business proposition submitted to us needs to identify a customer and demonstrate how that customer's needs are met, and why they aren't already met with existing resources.  'Customer' doesn't necessarily mean one company, but it would focus on one consumer group or industry.  Incidental examples include 'Perishable item warehouse inventory system', 'Waste water monitoring instrumentation', or 'Mini-storage property management system'.  In any conversation you have with us, it needs to be clear you have prior experience in the stated business, and that the person making the call can demonstrate that they understand the needs of the respective market.  If someone calls to 'set an appointment' with a sales agent in your company we will ask that you not to call again.
  • In most cases, the best first contact should be made by postal mail, and should be a single page flyer that identifies your company, a contact name, a solution (specific product or service), and ideally an American business reference (a past or present client).  If you aren't certain personally of your American English, please have it reviewed by someone that knows American language conventions.  We cannot spend time with people that are unintelligible.
  • We perfer to operate in business areas where there is more demand than supply.  Demonstrating that you have experience with antique auction websites, for example, isn't going to keep our attention.
  • Look at the job postings boards and carefully inventory recurrent requests in the following dimensions: recurring skills, repeated ads by the same company, and vertical markets. Examples include lots of requests for LAMP stack, the same ad for SQL Server BI/Data Warehouse developer showing up every two weeks for four months, and various sites that use shopping carts and automated payment transaction hosts.  Your business focus needs to be in areas where demand is evident from publicly listed solicitations.
  • A technology business should be able to demonstrate their technology on-line.  Good examples are javascript/CSS heavy websites, 'single click install' .NET applications, cloud database apps (for instance, Microsoft Access interfaced to an SQL Azure host), or Windows Presentation (WPF) pages.  Be ready to show us examples while we're on the phone.