Maintenance and Support - PostGre SQL

PostGre SQL is an open source client/server database used commonly on Unix/Linux platforms.  One of our recent taskings is to migrate an application written originally in QuickBasic (more precisely, Microsoft Professional Development System 7.1) to PostGreSQL and Java.  One role in this process is to 'reverse engineer' the original data files and import them to PostGre.  In the process of doing this, we have integrated PostGre SQL with the .NET platform using NPGSQL.  While the initial data import is through generated SQL statements, PGSQL 'functions' (what would be known as Stored Procedures in SQL Server or MySQL) have been written to migrate imported data into the target schema.  This involves, for example, normalizing repeating data structures, splitting 'LastName,FirstName' into their respective fields, combining multiple line description blocks into single memo fields, and so forth.  The target schema has about 60 tables, with the larger record counts in the 10,000 to 100,000 record range, depending on table.