Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services


Projects are described in three groups: Since 1999, when Resource Logic was constituted in it's present form, Mid-1990's, when the principals were working for other employers, and 1980's, when Resource Logic focused on software development for Datapoint computers. The projects listed on this page are the most recent.

Production Optimization Frozen vegetables are commonly sold in mixes, anywhere from Peas and Carrots to an Oriental Blend, which may have nine or ten ingredients. Shifting from one blend to another may require a 'wash-down' so that all old product is expunged from the equipment before a new run is started. If one is packing carrots and then blueberries, the presence of a carrot in the blueberries might be disconcerting to the consumer. More
Fleet Management A commercial line insurance agency was getting spreadsheet files from a number of branch offices of a particularly large client. Each office maintained information in it's own format, in some cases using 'partial' names or Vehicle Identification Numbers. Integrating this into a complete picture of the number of insured vehicles was a nightmare. More
Frozen Vegetable Packing Superior Packing is a frozen vegetable repacking plant. Palletized boxes (usually weighing about 1000 pounds each) of frozen vegetables are mixed in certain ratios and then packaged in plastic bags or cases. These are sold to grocery stores or restaurants. More
EPLI Application A commercial line insurance agency entered the EPLI market with a product that improved substantially on existing offerings. Many insurors had, up to that point, only offered EPLI coverage in single states, or in certain cases single facilities. Coverage was also limited, in many cases, to an employment pool of less than 500 workers. The product offered in this case spanned not only all fifty states but some client operations in US possessions and Canada. More