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Projects - Mid 1990's

Work done before September 1999 was done though other companies. As employees, each of us were project leaders on the projects described here.

Technical Publications Warehouse The US Air Force maintains technical order warehouses at maintenance depots throughout the United States. These warehouses contain the maintenance and repair manuals for aircraft, ground support equipment, and other vehicles in use on a long term basis.  More
CAPER Sounding Rocket Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Southwest Research Institute is a research laboratory with scientists and engineers involved in a number of specialties.  They have been a subcontractor to NASA and DOD (more specifically, the Air Force) for most of the time these government agencies existed.  One of the projects carried out in 1997 and 1998 was the CAPER sounding rocket, a platform for analyzing the 'magnetosphere', a region where the earth's magnetic field interacts with ions and atoms making up the 'solar wind'.  More
Research Requirements and Performance Analysis Tracking A common problem in research institutions is matching up the research work with those that benefit from the results.  In this particular case, the US Air Force had identified deficiencies in a wide range of field conditions.  It employed researchers in a number of laboratories to develop solutions.  Many of the projects took years to complete.  More