Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services

Project - Frozen Vegetable Repacking

Superior Packing is a frozen vegetable repacking plant in San Antonio. This operation mixes palletized boxes (usually weighing about 1000 pounds each) of frozen vegetables into plastic bags or cases. These are sold to grocery stores or restaurants.

The existing application was written in Paradox. It took one person one entire day to process the day's orders. This application was non-Y2K compliant, so it had to be replaced.

We implemented a system using Microsoft SQL-Server 7.0 and Microsoft Access/2000. This system cut the processing time from 1 work-day (8 hours) to about four hours, provides costing analysis (previously done by spreadsheet), and sales analysis functions (previously carried out by importing sales information into Excel, sorting, and summarizing). Development began in September 1999. The system was put in production in mid-November, and was processing the production cycle by the end of December. Sales analysis and costing functions were complete by the end of January 2000.