Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services

Projects - Mid 1980's

Bill of Materials ProcessingThe engineer designing a videoconferencing system needed a way to 'explode' top assemblies and subassemblies into parts lists. A videoconferencing system can have one or more hubs, several consoles, various collections of cables, and incidentals like microwave transceivers, satellite uplink/downlinks, and so forth. These were the 'top assemblies'. Circuit boards, power supplies, and keyboards were examples of subassemblies; and capacitors, resistors, ICs, and connectors were components. Many of these components were common across multiple top- and sub-assemblies. More
Oil and Gas Joint Interest Billing and Revenue DistributionLease Operating Companies need an application for distributing the cost and revenues associated with a producing oil or gas well. This system handled up to 999 owners per lease, and consolidated expenses and revenues across multiple ownership interests. Severance Tax was applied to private parties but could be turned off if the ownership interest belonged to a school district or municipality. More
Medical Billing and Accounts ReceivableMuch of the mid-1980's was spent maintaining and upgrading a medical billing and accounts receivable system for a back-injury and sports medicine clinic. This system was used to schedule appointments, record charges, and bill those charges on a number of standard forms, which were Insurance, Workman's Comp, Medicare, and Private Pay, respectively. More
Sewer Capacity AnalysisThe City of San Antonio had hired a collection of engineering firms to analyze and ultimately upgrade the city's sewer system. This was driven by growth the city experienced in the 1960's and 1970's as well as new environmental regulations coming into effect that required the construction of more advanced treatment plants. More