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Program conversions range from upgrading a Microsoft Access database from '97 or 2000 to 2007, to migrating thousands of code files from a mainframe CICS application to a web-enabled equivalent.  Organizations need counterparties that are appropriate to the scale of their conversion: an operation with an Access database and five users will need the services of one contractor.  The 1000 file mainframe application used by 4000 people across the country may need a team of 25 IT professionals made up of a mix of project managers, database designers, subject matter experts, programmers, and web designers.

User communities that operate older systems bring certain mindsets to the conversion process.  Some of these involve the way data is organized in the file system or database, some with programming and naming conventions, and some with user interface.  Users will often ask for a 'one-for-one' conversion, where 'everything stays the same except that it runs on SQL Server and .NET instead of the mainframe'.  It is important to have the developers involved at the specification phase, in order to identify as early as possible specification terms that may not only be unnecessary, but may slow development times and add to costs.

A number of companies are advertising the availability of automation tools to speed conversions.  Legacy migration is a topic of considerable academic interest in computer science, which suggests that this is an evolving process with pitfalls and surprises.  In short, automation tools can handle some segments of the conversion, but not the entire process.  Some automation components must be created from scratch for particular jobs.  IT conversion service consumers should examine as critically as possible any claims that a company has completely automated the process for their language and operating environment.

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