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Program Conversion - Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access applications range from simple end-user created ad-hoc systems to highly advanced third-party packages.  In most circumstances the upgrade should occur as a migration from an 'old' Access to a newer version.  'New' in this case may remain Access 2003, for some users Office 2007 or 2010 may involve more risks, efforts, or expense.

In general, Access databases should use SQL Server as the data storage database.  Access is a 'front-end' tool with a lot of power focused on forms (the user screens), reports (report wizard), and modules (the Visual Basic for Applications programming language).  As a data engine users have complained about performance and management issues, and Microsoft has made every effort to make the SQL option the easiest implementation option.  The most current version of SQL Server: SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services, is a very powerful database system that is often perfectly at home in a corporate production environment.

The more advanced programming environments often incorporate third party plugins.  These may be custom COM libraries, third party APIs (Quickbooks is one particularly good example), or third party user controls (screen components).  In some cases users will need the libraries or APIs 'tweaked' to address minor compatibility issues, othertimes it may be necessary to replace 'old' plugins with 'new' ones.  In a few instances features added to Access or Office in general supplant what were third party products in earlier versions.

It is becomming common for users to have an application that is ten years old, and the vendor has 'dropped out of sight'.  In some cases this is literally true since the company is out of business, in other cases it simply means that the company no longer supports the product or simply cannot schedule time to make modifications.  The user conversion may involve buying the current package, and then applying all of their earlier customizations to the current version.

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