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'Classic' Active Server Pages (ASP)

'Classic' Active Server Pages (ASP) is the Microsoft Web Scripting language that emerged in the late 1990s.  This is a very powerful system with a lot of quirks.  It interfaces to SQL Server and other relational databases through ADODB and ODBC.  A lot of complex systems have been developed that are a mix of Javascript, VBScript, VB6 COM and COMPlus objects, T-SQL stored procedures in the SQL Server database, and third party includes for menus, collapse/expand divisions, and other client side widgets.  Many people end up with ASP installations by purchasing third party software, examples include Knowtia OASIS CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system sold as an add-on to Quickbooks.

ASP pages have a 'spaghetti' structure to them, rendering line by line from top to bottom.  ASP.NET has a more event driven and object-oriented structure.  These paradigms are sufficiently different that it is rare that one is converted to the other, a more likely scenario is to start from scratch with a new design.  Many ASP based systems are enormous, particularly if they have been continually modified for ten or fifteen years.

Our work with ASP has included an Insurance Brokerage, a Continuing Education Non-Profit, and a Printing Products supplier.  From September 2009 onwards, we have been maintaining a CRM system using ASP and SQL-Server.  The internal (intra-corporate) and public facing eCommerce site have both been modified extensively.  Much of this work has been focused on 'condensing' activity that originally required page renderings for each line item transaction; the modifications have enabled the users to order or process 'clusters' of records in one page view.

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