Resource Logic Client/Server Development Services


Continuing Education Course Selection

This organization populated a schedule of course offerings extracted from an Oracle database through a Windows Service.  The 'main form' was pure HTML, but course offereings based on the main form selections were time dependent.  The course offerings were a mix of topic, state, and time period, and it was possible for the customer to drill into the list of courses through any of these paths.

This system was a mixture of 'Classic' ASP with ASP.NET, in some cases one navigating to the other.  The ASP.NET implementations tended to dynamically enable and disable components in the page, whereas the 'Classic' pages were limited to rendering information from tables and processing item selections.

The operational platform was Windows Server 2003, Oracle 10g, and the IIS installed with Server 2003. This included support for both classic ASP and ASP.NET.