Visual Basic 6 - Automated Conversion Tool

The purpose of this page is to record hits on searches for VB6 to C# Conversion.

Generally speaking, there is a large quantity of legacy code that is not converted either due to time constraints, cost constraints, or user obliviousness.  The latter simply means that an application is run until the host computer crashes, which may be ten years after the last revision installation.  Usually in that situation the user has discovered that their backups quit working several years earlier, and the programmer/software company is either nowhere to be found or simply disavows any further responsibility for the product.

Resource Logic, Inc. (the one in Austin, Texas) is seeking clients that have VB6 (or earlier) projects that they would like to convert to C#/Winforms.  Such work would be contracted as a 'by hand' conversion - additional automation functionality would be developed 'on the fly'.  This is frequently how such tools are done - each new conversion exposes new issues and gives the tool developer ideas on how to extend the product.

In looking at the VB6 Code (actually versions from VB4 to VB6) a collection of properties and collections have been identified that could be transformed into either a C# WinForm with corresponding controls or something analogous.  Therefore the approach at this point is to create C# classes that hold every property or collection that could be expressed in the composition of a VB6 form.  At present this is a speculative effort and is barely beyond the conceptual level.  This page will be updated as this application moves through various phases.