Program Conversion - Microsoft Excel

What's Included

This conversion is provided on a service basis: an agreed amount or hourly rate for conversion and customization.  As is, the application imports a spreadsheet with column names in Row 1 and generates a script for creating an SQL table.  It also creates an 'MVC' based C#/Winforms program with a search panel and edit panel.  Unless customized, all fields are text.  Customization may include formatting certain columns as numeric or dates; adding validation drop downs, replacing text fields with check boxes or radio buttons as approprate, and structuring large field collections into tabbed subforms.

Microsoft offers several versions of SQL Server Express at no charge for 'small' workgroups, with the general limitation of five simultaneous users.  Based on practical experience, situations where more than five users need concurrent access requires a SQL Server Standard Edition license, a package of client and server licenses costs several thousand dollars.

This application will be easily installed in sites that already have SQL Server or a similar client/server database (Windows versions of Oracle and MySQL may also be used).  SQL Server installation would be provided separately.  SQL Server Express does not require a dedicated server (it can run on a laptop or desktop), however installation on a server is recommended.

CAUTION: Data conversion is a separate process from software development, and may take more time than the programming based on the quality and quantity of the incoming files.  In the process of converting the system, it may become clear that the organization of data in the spreadsheet requires restructuring the table.  This can incur additional time and cost.

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