Program Conversion - Microsoft Excel

Best Fit Users

The user community able to make the best use of this migration service are those who:
  • use the spreadsheet primarily as a record maintenance system
  • share input and update responsibilities with several people
  • are periodically 'locked out' while someone else has the file open
  • have a large number of separate sheets with different data but common structure
This would work less well where the sheet contains complex formulas, generates charts, or is a personal project of one person.  The primary idea is that an operational department will eventually move the ad-hoc solution toward a programmable package with the customary search, field validation, business rules, and reporting infrastucture.

For those that feel it would be nice to have a 'real' business application rather than a collection of records being maintained in a spreadsheet, please call 210-734-5575 for free initial consultation.

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