SOAP Web Service Demonstration - Weather Service Monitor

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Certain Internet Settings may have to be changed for this to work.  In Control Panel, select Internet Options.  In Internet Options, select the Security divider tab.  In Security, the Internet Zone is normally the default selection.  Click on Custom Level.  Under the Miscellaneous folder, there is an option titled Access Data Sources across Domains.  If this is set to Disable the weather readings will not load.  Recommendation: set to 'Prompt'.  After running this demo, it may be safe practice to return this setting to Disable.

Within the Internet Settings, select the Advanced tab, and look for a checked option titled Enable Native XMLHTTP Support.  This is normally checked.  It is best to leave this checked during the demonstration, although if it is turned off, the script will have to load an ActiveX control, which is riskier and slower.
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