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Notes on Daily Reports

Daily Reports are used to record retail outlets cash receipts, checks, and credit card transactions and make up deposit slips for the daily deposit.

This page is written in JavaScript. It does not save anything to a database, although a real world user would. This is a very simplified example. A production version of this program would itemize checks, credit card receipts, and petty cash disbursements, and list each of those on the deposit slip. Most businesses would also include a labor summary and sales taxes due.

Select an outlet (out of four available). Enter numbers for beginning petty cash balance (the amount in the register), Cash Receipts, Checks, Credit Cards, Petty Cash Disbursements, and the Deposit Slip amount. The remaining fields are computed automatically. As an option, leave the Disbursements field blank.

Once all these values are entered, click on the Post command button. The text area at the bottom of the screen will contain from two to four journal entry lines. The account is the bank account and the is the sales account. These are always present. The account is only modified if the ending Petty Cash balance is different from the beginning Petty Cash balance. The account is only present if there is a petty cash disbursement.

The S field is a subtotal marker. The column of dollar amounts should sum to zero.

Highlight everything in the text area and copy it to the clipboard. Then launch your favorite spreadsheet, and paste the contents of the clipboard into a blank worksheet. The fields are each pasted into separate cells, since they are separated by tab characters. With further programming work, this information could also be appended to a transaction table in a database.

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