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Notes on Amortization Table

Amortization tables are used to calculate the monthly repayment of a principal amount. This particular program is hard coded to compute only monthly payments, whereas many programs also provide quarterly or annual repayment options.

This program demonstrates Dynamic HTML. The page accepts calculation parameters, then computes the table on command. As it renders the results it adds HTML elements to the page. If the user clicks the Calculate button more than once, the existing results are removed before new results are inserted.

In a database situation, a variable number of records may be presented as the user activates controls. This would happen when navigating from day to day through an appointment book, for instance. Using Dynamic HTML, it is not necessary to reload the web page to present another group of records.

The Calculate button is disabled until all three parameter fields contain positive numerical values. After entering the number of months, click on the interest rate field again or tab out of the months field.

This program does not work under any version of Netscape. It is recommended that the user have IE 5 with current service packs installed before running this demonstration. Javascript must be enabled in the browser.

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